The Importance of Breakout Areas


Including a breakout area within your workplace is considered more and more of a necessity. Creating a space for your employees where they can relax, eat and drink away from their desk, gives your employees that essential time that’s needed away from their desk and computer.

 You can create a breakout area in a separate office or within a selected area of a large office, where you can section off with office screens and partitions. Choose a selection of comfy seating and coffee tables, along with canteen style chairs and table if there is the room, to allow for those eating or wanting an informal meeting. Here at White Space Office Furniture we offer a wide selection of chairs, tables and screening to create that all important look and feel.


Allows employees to get that much needed time away from their desk and workload to relax and unwind. Thus reducing stress levels, increasing productivity and boosting concentration

  • Sitting at your desk all day can contribute to long term health problems, encouraging frequent breaks away from your usual work environment helps our health in a positive way
  • Double up as informal meeting areas
  • Create a separate area for lunch and tea breaks
  • Encourages socialising between employees, helps build working relationships and employee bonding

Office breakout areas offer a number of important benefits and have proved to have positive results for thousands of companies. Your office space says a lot about your company and the image you want to promote. Look after your employees by creating a variety of spaces for them to work and relax creating positive working relationships.