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If you are planning an office move or new layout and need some advice on the type of furniture you are going to need then White Space Office Furniture can help. We have helped companies all over the UK set up their new office space and we are specialists in all aspects of office refurbishment from measuring space through to office design and installation.

Our expert design team will show layout options, desk shape options and efficient use of the floor space to ensure your staff are accomodated comfortably and productively. Using the latest technology, from 2D CAD plans to 3D renders, we can design your new working environment to make it work for you. You will be able to visualise the end result before the transformation has taken place.

White Space Office Furniture can offer a complete project management package, including space planning and layout, delivery scheduling and assembly on site.

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Moving and changing offices can be extremely stressful and there are lots of things to think about. Things such as how early you should start planning, how to put together a timeline, setting a realistic budget, who will manage the project, choosing the right external partners to support you, getting the right IT and telecommunication infrastructure in place, organising all your furniture, that your staff are informed and everybody is aware of their responsibilities. Not an easy task! The good news is that White Space Office Furniture can support you with all of this completely free of charge and make sure that your office move works as smoothly as possible. We can support you with every aspect of your commercial space planning including office design planning and furniture planning. We even have a free CAD Design furniture planning tool that can show you the type of furniture that you are going to need and where it will all fit in.
With any office move or new layout it is crucial that you make effective use of the space that you have available. This is where we can really help. At White Space Office we have a wide variety of space saving options that will help you make the most out of your office planning and layout, for example bench desking. Bench desking is a perfect option for open office planning and is particularly effective for large office environments such as call centres and telesales operations.

Bench desks are a perfect office furniture space planning solution because they give you the flexibility for team interaction and collaboration which is so important in the modern office environment. In your new office space you may need a desking solution that can accommodate several people, be flexible so that you can move things around when you need to and a furniture planning solution that will help you reduce the footprint of your office. White Space Office can help you achieve all these things.
The secret to a successful office move is ensuring that the project is managed effectively, on time and within the agreed budget. It’s also about choosing the right chairs, desks and tables and getting the telecommunication and IT set up spot on with smart cable management so that you have a neat and highly professional finish.
Office Design and planning from White Space Office Furniture is all about maximising the space that you have available and getting the best value out of the budget you are working with. We know how important your office relocation or new layout planning is and we can help you achieve a successful new office space that works effectively for your business. Please contact us for advice for your next office move.

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