Office Booth Seating

Office Booth Seating is a great way to give your staff a relaxed, personal space for when they need to work independently or as part of a team. They offer fantastic collaborative areas and create a modern, contemporary feel to any office.

Our Office booth seating is upholstered in your desired fabric to your personal specification with integrated technology including LED lighting, power modules, USB charging and smart TV’s. Booth seating is aesthetically pleasing, adaptable and functional.

Contemporary 4 seater booth seating


Bring people together in style, providing privacy for breakout areas and relaxed meetings with this contemporary 4 seater booth.

Booth sofa. 4 person booth with table. W 1700 x D 2400 x H 1300mm. Choice of fabric colours. 5 year guarantee

Please call for details on optional extras and our full colour range.

From £2495

Contemporary 4 seater office booth seating colour chart
Modular high back booth seating for two


Modular, comfortable high back booth seating. Booths can be positioned back to back or side to side to offer seating solutions that compliment your space.

Breakout booth. Two seater. W 1470 x D 700 x H 1360mm. Choice of fabric colours. 5 year guarantee

Please call for details on optional extras and our full colour range.

From £905

Modular high back office booth seating for two colour chart.
Acoustic booth seating to minimise noise pollution


Acoustic booths are a modern and sophisticated way to separate areas and use space more effectively. Ideal to create secluded meeting areas, socialisation booths and study spaces. 

4 seater meeting pod, wooden legs. W 2280 x D 1390 x H 1270mm. Choice of fabric colours. 5 year guarantee

Please call for details on optional extras and our full colour range.

From £1600

Acoustic office booth seating colour chart

Please contact us for details and prices on our full range of booth seating.

How can office booth seating benefit your staff?

Office Booth seating can help your staff in many ways.

The first benefit is they can help to cancel out noise pollution. Offices can be extremely noisy environments with phones ringing, sales-people on the phone, staff talking around the water-cooler about what they did last weekend, the noise of keyboards tapping, printers whirring etc. This can make it incredibly hard for some staff to concentrate and some recent studies have even stated that noise pollution can also affect people’s physical and mental health – causing headaches and migraines as well as potentially triggering a stress and anxiety response in the body.

 Office booth seating can help to minimise noise pollution by adding an additional barrier to block out some of the noise and by sitting people in smaller groups it can help keep noise at more workable levels for those staff that prefer the working environmemt to be a bit quieter. They can also help in an open office to create “quiet” spaces for staff who need to remove themselves from the normal office hubbub to concentrate on the task at hand. This also allows them to work somewhere with more privacy which can help some staff to feel more trusted to do their assigned tasks whereas an open office can sometimes feel like they are always being watched.

Office booth seating can also be a great place to host internal meetings. As noted above, office booth seating can cancel out noise but also can allow staff to sit around each other in a small area and work on a project, or chat with a client and the layout will help to create a more informal, collaborative atmosphere than a more formal meeting room or boardroom ever could.

Office booth seating can also help ensure confidentiality is covered – this can be important for staff working on projects which may involve sensitive company data, or if conducting a meeting with a client and discussing personal information – a booth office seat can block off the meeting from the surrounding area which can help maintain confidentiality.

Our range of office booth seating can also be used in the more traditional break-out areas such as the canteen or staff room. By sitting people in smaller groups, it can encourage a more open and productive team. As well as this, sitting in smaller groups can also encourage greater team building and bonding which will translate into a more productive workplace (with less conflict as well).

Choosing your office booth seating

There are plenty of features you may wish to take into consideration when choosing your office booth seating.

Colour and Aesthetic

Your office space is a reflection of your company’s image both to your staff and also customers visiting the company, especially if you are public-facing and it is just as important to choose a booth seat which portrays the image you want to convey. Did you also know however that colours can affect your employee’s productivity? For example, overly grey, beige or white décor in an office has been found to cause more sadness in women whereas overly purple or orange environments affect men in the same way.

Traditional colour theory says colours such as yellow is good for energising staff, blue exudes more of a calming atmosphere which could be worth considering depending on how you wish your office booth seating to be used and where it is situated in the business.


Of course, one size does not fit all when it comes to offices and it is important that your seating is adaptable. Many booth seating options come in modular components which can cater for changes in the business needs and employee numbers. It can also be easily transported around the business so you can create a layout that works best for your business.

Extra Features

White Space Office Furniture’s booth seating can also integrate a great deal of integrated features, from LED lighting to brighten the booth, integrated power modules and USB charging to connect your devices and Smart TV’s which can be used for meetings with clients. Other features to consider include acoustic office booth seating which can help to cancel out noise, which can be important especially if the intended use is to be a meeting pod.

White Space Office Furniture for over 25 years has provided high quality office furniture for customers throughout the UK. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.